Alien Kaput

Alien Kaput

Alien Kaput:
3D Concept
This began as part of a class I took with Kris Costa, initially just the girl, later I decided on interaction with the Alien. The characters are zbrush sculpts. UV’s and mesh tweaks done in 3DSMax. Painting was done in Mari and comping with Nuke.

Close-Up Alien

Alien Head

Close-Up Girl


Glade House – Architectural Rendering

Glade House - Architectural Rendering

Exterior rendering arch-viz project, worked on as a personal project. From the outset I wanted to create an overcast image of a house with a wooded setting, only a part of the sky is photo based.
It hasn’t changed much from the image in my mind, which is always my goal.
Thanks for looking, comments and questions are welcome. Come back soon for more dimensional illustrations.